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You may not have been to Vegas in a while, so your image of Vegas might be one that has been frozen in time.

Ten years ago, it was possible to see a full floor of slot players when you entered a Vegas casino. Many people of different backgrounds gathered together to watch the reels and hope for the big win.

Gambling was not about gambling back then Instead of being an enjoyable pastime, the main reason people played was to make quick money. The idea of a slots machine as a primary source of entertainment was, in retrospect, absurd .

Things have changed however.

This is a new generation. They’re used to living in a stimulating world. Video, computer graphics and animated soundtracks are just a few of the many things that a typical player in slot machines wants to see.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the floor of the slots is reserved for only young players. Far from it. Many people who are more “experienced” have adopted the electronic lifestyle and all that comes with it.

So, what’s changed?

The excitement and atmosphere created by high-tech images, sounds, and graphics on the casino floor are what you will notice the moment you enter a casino. Video, interactive bonus rounds, arcade-style graphics, and other unimaginable features are all now available in games.

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania invites you to join him in his fun-filled fishing expeditions for delicious crustaceans. Texas Ted is your guide on the oil discovery path in his Texas Tea slot. Slots based on board games such as Monopoly and Cluedo are available. You also have the option to play themed slots inspired by game shows, such as Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy. You have a wide selection of Vegas video slot options.

It is amazing to see people playing for pure joy. They are actually playing for fun. You’ll see people having fun and laughing as they play the bonus round slots. Many will be singing along with the theme tunes!

Modern players can feel satisfied after having enjoyed the slot machines and could spend $50 to leave the session. This is the key difference. The entertainment industry is gaining popularity.

This value concept isn’t just for the Vegas casino player. It has also been adopted by the online slot industry.

This new emphasis on value is best illustrated by the popularity of online slots tournaments. Online slots tournaments allow players to play against other people and not against the casino. This eliminates the ‘house edge’. There is also a social aspect of tournament play that adds enjoyment and is entirely new.

Then again, what is the benefit of playing a slot tourney?

To start with, each player who starts a tournament has equal chances of winning the top prizes as everyone else. You have the opportunity to play longer for less money and still win big. There are many online casinos that offer free slots tournaments so you can win big without spending a dime. You can find regular slots tourneys with $100,000 prize pools and top prizes up to $50,000 if you know how to look!

Like the poker tournaments that revolutionized online poker, the slot tournaments are poised to be the most popular way to obtain that kind of value from online slots.

You can visit Vegas, or take a break to play online. The goal is to have fun, understand your limits, and treat it like entertainment.

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